Material Management

Good material management is a necessity, not a choice. With Neways as your logistic service provider, you can fully concentrate on your core competences.

Competitive cost prices, flexible terms of delivery and optimised purchasing and logistic processes have vital importance: they boost efficiency and are decisive factors in contributing to your business results.

Neways offers you the advantages of economy of scale and experience. Our purchasing organisation knows where to source the best suppliers of basic materials and components. Our goal is that all the components are available in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities.

In order to enable our customers to act competitively in the market, exceptional quality and comprehensive service are indispensable. As a globally operating partner with a very high purchasing volume, we are able to offer our customers especially favourable material prices.

Our specialists find even rarely used parts, spare parts and components in the world market and enable access to them at favourable prices. In this way, for the benefit of our customers, we become active as a committed partner who always finds the most reasonable component solution (from a commercial and quality point of view) on a timely basis in the immense pool of the world market.

A lag-free production is allowed by our expertise in the field of allocation management. Moreover, thanks to our world-wide network, we are capable of supplying obsolete components successfully.


Proactive & strategic obsolescence management


  • Early indication of obsolescence and ROHS compliance already in the design process to avoid production stops, high purchasing prices and reduce costs
  • Predictive lifecycle checks to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Acting proactive minimizes time to market
  • Neways specialist takes responsibility on customers design by checking the impact of an obsolescence risk
  • In case of a full re-design, a project proposal can be made