Hybrid Electronics

Over 30 years experience on hybrid microelectronics

There is demand on highly integrated electronics that require advanced interconnect technologies, coupled with a growing market need for further miniaturization. Neways is able to produce line/space patterns of 50 µm and below. All production processes are in cleanroom environment.

Innovative techniques in the miniaturization


Neways Electronics is using existing conventional screen printing techniques to apply structures of less than 50 μm line/gap spacing to ceramic substrates. We can offer you the following benefits:


  • Production of Hybrid circuits with extremely fine structures at low costs
  • Avoiding local routing congestion
  • Reducing the number of interconnected required layers




  • 100k: ISO 8
  • 10k: ISO 7
  • 1k: ISO 6


For Neways, microelectronics is an area that ranges from chip technology up to complete microelectronics systems based on hybrid technology. Our customers are active in areas where quality and reliability play a crucial role. Of course we operate according to quality standards such as ISO, ESA and Mil.


Why hybrid technology?

Since 1981 we are specialised in developing and producing hybrid microelectronics. This technology has a lot of benefits like high frequency ranges, high reliability or no outgassing.

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Why hybrid technology?

Substrates & processes

As support material we use the substrate that  is best suited for your product. In order that the components can coalesce an electrical connection with the substrate, various processes are available.

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Substrates & processes