Development & Design

Over 190 development engineers

Strong market and application know-how | Full transparency in development & manufacturing processes | Locations in the Netherlands & Germany

Based on your idea and in close collaboration with your specialists, Neways designs and develops new products for you. The precise form of this relationship depends on the product to be developed and your specific wishes.


Our Competences




  • Over 45 years of experience in developing and delivering high quality electronic products
  • Ease communication because of centralized development organization in the Netherlands, with a hub in Germany with over 50 developers
  • Open communication and project transparency (costing, opportunities & risks)

Business case: BESL/Phenix

  • Modular software library
  • Available for multiple processor platforms out-of-the box
  • Structured setup by distinctive code layers
  • Based on Segger embOS and peripherals
  • Supports functional safety acc. IEC 61508 SIL 3
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Business case: BESL/Phenix

Business case: GaN Transistors

  • GaN belongs to the best FOM of 600V power devices.
  • The cutting-edge technology for innovative solutions.
  • Highest efficiency for SMPS (Switch mode Power Supply)
  • Fast switching

Excellent for hard and soft switching topologies – (Half Bridge, H-Bridge, 3-Phase, PFC, Flyback)

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Business case: GaN Transistors

Business case 3: XXX

Test test

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Business case 3: XXX
Your direct contact person for more details concerning development:
Pascal van Kesteren
Pascal van Kesteren Manager Sales +31 40 2679104
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Component Management


During the development process, we pay attention to the selection of components in terms of their availability.

  • Full product lifecycle management
  • Health check
  • RoHS check


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