Cable & Wire

Cable harnesses continue to increase in complexity. Neways gives you the best of both worlds: high quality customer specific cable harnasses and high volume production.

Key facts


  • Hybrid cable & wiring harness
  • Vacuum cables (Grade 2)
  • Fibers
  • Power cables (up to 240 mm²)
  • Battery cables
  • Data cables (i.e. Ethernet)
  • Single wires
  • 3D bundling
  • Clean Room available




  • High Mix/Low Volume production
  • Engineering & Development capabilities
  • Scope on full Product Life Cycle support
  • Integrated Supply Chain solutions
  • Close to the customer vs. low production cost



  • Cutting & stripping machines (Schleuniger)
  • Automatic cable tester
  • Marking machines (inkjet, thermal Komax, Metronic)
  • Crimping semi-automatic machines
  • G-Terminators, presses, applicators
  • Coax stripping machines
  • Gutters for long bundles up to 35m
  • Special hand tools for connectors
  • Brady printers
  • Bar coding scanners, printers