Neways updates on impact of Corona virus

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in China Neways is affected by the measurements taken nationally as well as globally by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization.

According to the Chinese governement’s regulations our production in Wuxi will remain closed at least until February 8th. Based on the current situation we hope to start-up our operations in our facility as of February 10th.
For a better assessment of the expected impact on our  supply chain we are in constant contact with all related suppliers with the request to give a feedback on the situation and the expected impact.

The current overall status of this feedback can be summarized as follows:
Operations remain closed according Chinese governement’s regulations at least until February 10th.
Given the current status a delay of one to two weeks is to be expected.

Apart from this also Forwarders (e.g. DHL) have stopped deliveries to or from China in this period.

We remain in close contact with our related supply chain in order to closely monitor effects on lead-times.