18-3-2020: Update on the impact of the Corona virus

Due to the wide spreading of the Corona virus during the last weeks, people, companies and even whole countries have become more and more detached from the normal way of living and working that everybody was used to. This special situation requires flexibility and adaptation from all of us. ThisĀ  is to briefly update you on the appropriate measures that Neways has taken and will continue to take.

In order to mitigate the risk and the impact of the Corona virus we are closely monitoring our supply chain, informing our customers on a regular basis and taking multiple actions to protect our people and workforce. Visitors are not welcomed at Neways premises until further notice if not business critical. We encourage our office workers to work remote as much as possible while ensuring a close collaboration with our production and external partners. Shifts and breaks are spread for our production employees to enable workers to keep more physical distance to colleagues.

In the last weeks we have set up a Business Continuity Team that is working on different scenarios to ensure that our business stays up and running. Until now we are not experiencing unmanageable impacts on our supply chain. We are closely monitoring this on a daily basis and are prepared if further measures need to be taken.

Neways applies the rules and guidelines of the local governments. We encourage everybody to respect and follow the important advices provided by the WHO and other authorities. Our first concern in current critical times are our people and to keep everybody safe and healthy. We are proud to see that the measures are being implemented with full engagement and that employees of Neways are taking care of each other.

We will continue with our efforts to monitor and deal with the effects of the Corona virus, and will keep our customers, suppliers and people updated on a regular basis.