Neways Technologies GmbH

Neways Technologies GmbH
Fichtenweg 8
99098 Erfurt

Phone: +49 36203 960
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Neways Technologies offers a combination of services covering the entire product lifecycle of high quality industrial electronic applications. These services range from co-development up to sustaining services.


Understanding electronics


Our major strength is our understanding and knowledge of electronics combined with production processes – a blend that gives our customers a competitive edge. Achieved by working in collaboration on New Product Introduction and by offering all the advantages of economy of scale: Neways Technologies is part of Neways Electronics International NV with access to a broad spectrum of expertise and production plants in West and East Europe and China.


Excel in your specialism


For our customers, excelling in a particular specialism means: commitment to your core business. For Neways Technologies this means: offering complete solutions- from co-development right up to product life cycle management. Thanks to our integral chain knowledge, we ensure your product is developed at low cost with a short time to market combined with the very best, constant quality.

Our objective is to achieve a long-lasting and successful alliance with you.