Neways Micro Electronics B.V.

Voltaweg 12, NL-6101 XK ECHT
P.O Box 199, NL-6100 AD ECHT

Phone: + 31 475 419500

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Over 30 years experience on hybrid circuits production


Neways Micro Electronics is specialised in developing and producing hybrid microelectronics as well as in assembling and testing customer specific modules.

With Neways Micro Electronics you will find a single contact point for a variety of specialisms, such as thick film circuits, engineering, clean room production and assembling. We, the team at Neways Micro Electronics, understand how your product works and assure you of delivery reliability and process control. The manufacturability of your product is warranted by any batch size volume.

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Clean rooms


Class 100.000 500 m²
Class 10.000 300 m²
Class 1.000 25 m²


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