Neways Cable & Wire Solutions B.V.

Voltaweg 10, 6101 XK Echt
P.O. Box 84, 6100 AB Echt

Phone: +31 475 418200
Fax: +31 475 418222


Neways Cable & Wire Solutions BV aims to create enduring alliances with its customers by designing and producing, in close co-operation with these customers, high-grade cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for professional applications.

Neways Cable & Wire Solutions achieves this goal through dedicated employees closely listening to the customers’ demands.

Neways Cable & Wire Solutions offers you the best of two worlds: complex, customised cable assemblies in small series and relatively simple high volume production. Neways Cable & Wire Solutions is a one stop supplier with solutions for every phase in the lifecycle of your product.

The knowledge and skill that translate your specifications into the rapid manufacture of an end product are the benefits offered by Neways Cable & Wire Solutions. If required, we can participate as partner right from the very start of the design phase to develop the best possible cable solutions: our engineers can even be assigned to your development team. Neways Cable & Wire Solutions supplies hands-on experience and proven solutions.