NEWAY €8.96 0 2020-02-18 16:03

CEO’s message


Last year was a record year for us, both in terms of turnover and profit. We passed the turnover mark of € 500 million. We are seeing a continued rise in the demand for more complex box-build systems and that our positioning as a product life-cycle partner is gaining traction. However, the high demand from clients in combination with the scarcity of components is putting pressure on our organisation and creating extra challenges. We had to do more to serve our clients and get our orders delivered. This led to extra costs and higher use of capital. At the same time, this also showed that there is a good deal of room for improvement.

Despite these additional challenges, we managed to further improve our effectiveness and responsiveness. Our organisation is againmore professional and more robust than a year ago. As a result, we work more efficiently and we are more aware of the risks that go hand in hand with the larger and more complex projects Neways is involved in. To facilitate our continued growth with our clients, we have expanded our production capacity in Germany and China.

Our orderbookwas well filled at year-end 2018. On the basis of our order book and the potential to improve within the group, we are anticipating a good start to 2019. And barring unforeseen macro-economic developments, we expect to record higher turnover and a higher operating result for the full year.

Huub van der Vrande