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CEO’s message


The year 2017 was in every respect a busy and eventful year, in which the bar was set higher than in the previous year. We saw turnover increase more than expected, by 11.6% to € 438.7 million. This shows that Neways is in a good position to grow with clients and benefit from economic growth. This rapid growth, however, together with the greater scope and complexity of projects, did have an impact on the organisation.

We will need to continue to improve our logistical process this year, so we can continue to work efficiently, particularly in view of the shortages in the market for components that we will certainly have to take into account this year. As a result of our investments in customer intimacy – the ability to be increasingly closely involved in our clients’ operations – our role is shifting from an operational and tactical one to a more strategic one. Closer cooperation with both clients and suppliers enables us to respond more effectively to the shortage of components in the market, as well as respond more effectively to greater demand and reap the benefits of higher activity levels.

Thanks to our new performance-focused way of working and the successful implementation of our strategy, we are well on our way to engaging with our clients at an early stage as a product lifecycle partner and offering them greater added value.

Huub van der Vrande