Lifecycle Partnership

Current market conditions force enterprices to react immediately to rapidly changing market demands. This means that your product developers need to work on new products. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the entire chain, our years of experience and advanced tools we are capable of perfectly managing the complete lifecycle of your product.

Our strategy is based on three pillars: customer intimacy, technology leadership and operational excellence. In order to strengthen these pillars, we have designated three tactical spearheads that will jointly help us to achieve our ambition.


Selectively serving market sectors and product-market combinations


As a medium-sized player in the EMS market, Neways selectively targets a limited number of attractive sectors in which we can offer clear added value to customers with our expertise in the field of technology management. Deliberately focusing on in-depth knowledge in specific sectors better enables us to offer knowledge and experience that customers cannot get anywhere else. Promising (new) product-market combinations (PMCs) include, for instance, intelligent solutions that are often associated with the trend towards miniaturisation and to aid users to measure more accurately and to perform more tailor-made, low-dust and precision work.


Building long-term partnerships


The complexity of demand from large customers in the manufacturing industry is increasing. With our operational excellence and technology leadership, Neways is a reliable partner that helps customers to efficiently and effectively address complex issues. As a reliable partner, we are close to the customer. Our customer intimacy ideally positions us to enter into long-term partnerships, spearheading the consolidation and expansion of technology and lifecycle partnerships. Two things are important in this respect: (1) strengthening our own internal processes and competencies; and (2) actively contributing to the thought processes of more customers at an early stage regarding the development of new products and process design. The ability to co-opt the customer’s perspective is key to better serving customers and anchoring our business. We improve our chances of receiving production orders and follow-up orders and obtain a better understanding of the order pipeline. Long-term partnerships accordingly contribute to a more stable foundation underpinning our revenue streams.


Maximisation of customer value


As a lifecycle partner, a strong relationship of trust with customers is essential. This calls for a strong involvement of Neways in the full lifecycle of the customer’s product and knowledge of the requirements in the customer’s market. In order to maximise customer value, Neways aims for the best local cost of ownership. In each and every phase, Neways will apply its technology and production knowledge to ensure an optimal product for the customer, in terms of both design and manufacturability. Maximising customer value turns primarily on strengthening our capability to deliver better products at lower costs.