Corporate Governance

The updated content of the corporate governance code will be published after the 26th of February 2018.

Neways Electronics is aware of the value of good corporate governance. At the forefront are openness and shareholder involvement.

In December 2003, the final version of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code of the Tabaksblat Committee was published (the Code). In reaction to the publication, Neways decided to review the existing corporate governance policy in light of the findings of the new Code. This resulted in the following conclusions.

Neways subscribes to the main points contained in the Code. It already complied with many of the directives mentioned in the Code before its publication. Modifications have since been made to many of the points where Neways failed to comply.

However, Neways considered certain guidelines in the Code less relevant to a small cap company. In the Best Practice Provision each section of the Code is referred to with an explicit explanation of the points where Neways does not comply with the Code and is the reason given.

Neways will periodically evaluate the corporate governance policy on all points and modify where necessary.

The behavioural norms that have been in force throughout the Neways organisation for years are documented and set down in the Sustainability Policy and Ethics Policy. These policies form part of the internal regulations book and as such every Neways employee must adhere to this policy. At the same time this is an important step towards the adoption of a written code of conduct in accordance with the Best practice provision II.1.3. of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

Huub van der Vrande

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Board of Directors


The board of directors of Neways Electronics International N.V. consists of three members:

Huub van der Vrande CEO Read more details
Adrie van Bragt COO
Paul de Koning CFO


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